Copenhagen clean CHP plant inaugurated

31 May, 2002 – One of the world’s most energy-efficient and environmentally-adapted CHP plants, Avedàƒ¶re 2, was inaugurated on Friday by Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

Vattenfall has a 40 per cent holding in the plant. The majority shareholder is the Danish company Energi E2, which has a 60 per cent holding.

Avedàƒ¶re 2 is one of the most modern CHP plants in the world, with environmental values that set an example for the industry. The plant has been built as part of a necessary renewal of the electricity generation system in eastern Denmark and in order to provide some of the heat required by Copenhagen. The objective was to radically improve environmental performance by replacing older generation plants, while at the same time achieving an acceptable level of profitability.

“Vattenfall’s participation in the building of Avedàƒ¶re 2 has helped to increase our expertise and led to innovative thinking with regard to thermal power and fuels. When we began collaborating on the Avedàƒ¶re 2 project in 1994, Vattenfall’s strategy was to extend its operations to cover the Nordic countries. Today, the Group’s operations have expanded beyond this and most of our operations now lie outside the Nordic region. This has made generation based on thermal power increasingly important to us,” said Vattenfall’s President and CEO, Lars G Josefsson, in connection with the inauguration.

The plant, which has cost approximately DKK 4bn ($505m), consists of a KAD unit (a power plant with advanced steam data) that uses gas or oil in combination with wood briquettes, two gas-fired turbines and a straw-fired biomass unit. Avedàƒ¶re 2 has a NOx cleaning system, ash filters and desulphurization equipment. Fuel flexibility is even greater today than it was in the original plans, which guarantees that generation will be competitive in the long term.

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