North America’s largest port is planning to become the first marine terminal to operate solely of renewable energy when it installs a $26.6m solar microgrid later this year.

The Port of Los Angeles is building the Green Omni Terminal Demonstration Project in partnership with Pasha Stevedoring and Terminals.
Port of Los Angeles
Microgrid Knowledge website reports  that the solar microgrid will include a 1.03 MW photovoltaic rooftop array, a 2.6 MWh battery storage system, bi-directional charging equipment, and an energy management control system.

The project is expected to reduce 3,200 tonnes/year of greenhouse gases. Los Angeles-based PermaCity will install the solar array, and BYD Company, a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary, will provide the battery storage system, charging equipment and electric yard tractors.

During a power outage, the solar microgrid will be able to island from the central grid and keep power flowing at the 40-acre facility. It also will supply energy and basic goods to the community and serve as a base of operations for the military in the event of a disaster.

The California Air Resources Board is contributing $14.5 million from the state’s cap-and-trade auctions to the project. The competitive grant required matching funds of at least 25 per cent. Pasha, the port, and other partners exceeded that threshold with a 44 per cent funding match. Pasha has committed $11.4 million in cash and in-kind participation.