German energy storage company, sonnen, is planning to build microgrids in Puerto Rico, to aid the country’s recovery from the recent superstorm event.

Hurricane Maria had a devastating effect on the US-owned country, and sonnen plans to build the off grid technology around Puerto Rico, but starting with emergency relief sites.

Puerto Rico flag sonnen’s plan centers on its relationship with a local partner and distributor of its products, Pura Energia, and intends to subsidize the company’s expenses for installing sonnen units and solar arrays. Additionally, once its strategic plan is underway, sonnen plans to employ a team of engineers and technicians to lead the microgrid campaign from system design through final installation.

 PV Magazine reports that sonnen is specifically targeting emergency medical clinics that require electricity to refrigerate medicine, as well as emergency shelters.

 Shipments of sonnen’s Eco Energy Storage Systems to Puerto Rico to assist with the disaster relief effort have already begun, and the company says that its plan now is to ship a batch of these systems weekly to the island.

The company has a goal to have the first microgrids operational in less than one month’s time, which it describes as ambitious but achievable.

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