Eos Energy Storage has announced the installation and commissioning of a 250 KW battery system at the wastewater treatment plant in Caldwell, New Jersey.

The batteries are a central component of Public Service Electric and Gas Company’s on-site solar-plus-storage microgrid that will help keep the facility operating during extended power outages.
Public Service Electric and Gas Company facility

The microgrid includes an Eos Energy Storage system and an 896 KW solar PV system designed and installed by Advanced Solar Products of Flemington, New Jersey. Siemens Energy Management integrated the Eos Aurora system, solar facility, and existing diesel generator, as well as the intelligent control technology to monitor, manage and distribute power across the system.

Power Engineering reports that the solar and battery storage systems are connected directly to PSE&G’s electric grid. Under normal conditions, the solar panels deliver power to the grid and the battery storage system can provide value-added grid services for integrating solar onto the grid and participating in ancillary markets.

The Caldwell wastewater treatment plant microgrid is part of a 3-MW portion of the Solar 4 All program. The initiative develops projects that integrate solar with other technologies to reduce the impact of solar on the grid or to demonstrate reliability and grid resiliency of solar for critical facilities during prolonged power outages. The solar installation, combined with Eos’ long-duration energy storage, significantly extends backup power capacity and emergency operation of critical water treatment capabilities.

“One of the goals of our Solar 4 All program is to help support the growth and development of solar and related industries in New Jersey,” said Todd Hranicka, director – solar energy at PSE&G. “So we were especially happy to include the battery technology from a fellow New Jersey company like Eos into a project that helps make our electric system and a piece of critical infrastructure more reliable and resilient.”