Combined heat and power to eliminate emissions at NYC care centre

Under an innovative agreement, Green Campus Partners (GCP) will develop, construct, own and operate a highly efficient 1.2 MW Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”) plant to serve the thermal energy and electricity needs of the St. Barnabas campus in the Bronx, New York.

The new CHP Plant will replace the Hospital’s existing oil-fired boiler plant, which is far past its useful life and badly in need of replacement.

The new plant will provide all of the heating and cooling needs of the Hospital and Continuing Care Center, as well a significant portion of their electricity needs.

Green Campus Partners will fund the development and construction of the CHP plant and enter into 20-year Utility Services Agreements with the Hospital and Continuing Care Center.

Under this agreement, the Hospital and Continuing Care Center will purchase lower cost electricity and steam from the plant to serve their heating, cooling, and electrical needs, while reducing their current utility costs by approximately $2m per year.

The clean-burning, natural gas-fired cogeneration facility will reduce carbon emissions that would otherwise continue unabated with the Hospital’s existing boiler burning number 6 fuel oil, helping to achieve key objectives of the City’s Clean Heat Initiative and PlaNYC, the City’s long-term plan for a greener New York.

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