Cogeneration plant to be installed at Australian wastewater facility

The South Australian Government has approved a $25.8m project for SAà‚ Water to optimise the energy utilisation on the site at theà‚ Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plantà‚ (WWTP), the largest such plant in the Adelaide region.

This project will provide a major upgrade to the WWTP power supply by the installation of on-site power generation fuelled with the digester gas produced during the treatment plant process. à‚ The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and support for renewable energy projects are aligned with the State’s strategic plan.
Bolivar Wastewater Treatment Plant
On the 28 May, 2012,à‚ Clarke Energy Australia was awarded the contract to design and construct a fully operational turn-key gas to powerà‚ cogeneration plantà‚ usingà‚ GE Jenbacher gas enginesà‚ and to fully integrate the electricity generated into the existing electrical infrastructure.

Clarke Energy’s cogeneration power plant design provides three (3) GE Jenbacher high electrical efficient dual-fuel gas engines installed inside of the existing power house, each producing 2.4MWe.

The gas engines will operate either solely on digester gas or a blended mix with natural gas during times of low digester gas production. à‚ The gas engines will also produce hot water to supply the heat to the plant digesters that is necessary to sustain the treatment process.à‚ 

The project is due to be commissioned in July 2013 and be handed over to the facility’s Operations and Maintenance alliance contractor, Allwater. à‚ Once completed, the plant will generate up to 85% of the plant’s annual electricity demand. à‚ This means annual electricity savings of $1.3 million with a capital payback period estimated at eight years.

Additionally, electricity market revenue of $0.7 million per annum will be earned and approximately $0.9 million worth of additional Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) will be created each year.

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