Webinar hears of CHP benefit to business

Finning Power Systems recently held a webinar outlining the benefits of combined heat and power technology and providing advice on everything from finance to legislation in getting a project off the ground.

One of the event’s speakers, the CHPA’s Jonathan Graham provided an overview of current UK policy and its impact on CHP.
Jon Graham
“An investment in CHP can reduce a site’s energy use by up to 30%, and that can provide great financial value for energy users. But it is also important heat users understand the policies and regulations which impact CHP when they are specifying their project.”

“Doing so when performing a financial analysis helps to ensure a potential CHP user is making a more accurate investment decision, and also ensures they are designing their CHP scheme in a way to best access the value available from both Government policies and electricity market services.”

You can access the webinar, entitled Developing a Sound Business Case for CHP here

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