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Verification construction of micro-CHP unit

Construction of a first verification unit is underway by Inspirit Energy Holdings plc, a developer of micro combined heaInspirit energyt and power boilers.

The verification unit is being assembled at the company’s Sheffield, UK, development facility and, following final in-house testing, will be shipped to independent consultants, Enertek International Ltd. for testing conformance with the European Gas Appliance Directive.

The purpose of this testing is to accredit the unit for field trial deployment in a commercial, potential customer setting, outside of a laboratory environment.

Paddy Thompson, Sales Director of Inspirit Energy, commented: ‘Field trials are an essential first step on the route to market for our micro combined heat and power boiler.

John Gunn, CEO, commented: ‘The construction of this verification unit paves the way for Inspirit to have its first working certified commercial boiler in operation at the premises of a potential customer.’