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Valero Energy opt for CHP to power key refinery

Valero Energy Corporation intends to build a new combined heat and power plant to serve its Pembroke Refinery in Wales.

Plans have been submitted for the à‚£100m cogeneration facility at the Rhoscrowther refinery which employs around 550 people and supports hundreds more contractors.
The 45 megawatt unit under review by Valero will provide power to the refinery, as well as supplement the refinery’s steam demand.

The project aims to ensure Pembroke Refinery, one of Europe’s largest and most complex refineries, continues to be successful in the competitive global market.

Ed Tomp, Valero Vice President and General Manager, said: “Valero has today submitted plans to the Planning Inspectorate Wales to build a Cogeneration Unit at Pembroke Refinery.

“This would be a significant investment by Valero in Pembroke, demonstrating a huge vote of confidence in what the workforce has achieved since the company acquired the plant in August 2011.”

Tomp continued: “This project is at the heart of our plans to maintain the refinery’s viability for the long-term and help secure future jobs in the refining sector in Pembrokeshire and West Wales.

“We are at the early stages with this proposal and won’t make a final decision until next year. We will continue to keep key stakeholders informed as these plans progress.”

Following the closure of the Murco refinery in 2014, Valero is now one of only six strategic refineries in the UK.