US developers call for CHP incentives

CHP developers are pushing hard for a programme that would lock the US state of New Jersey into building a set amount of CHP facilities each year.

The idea is to create an Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard for CHP in the same way that New Jersey and other states have created similar funds for solar and wind power – known as Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

RPS requires power suppliers to increase the amount of electricity purchased from renewable energy sources each year. In New Jersey, the state hopes to source 30% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020.

A similar CHP scheme in Massachusetts led to a 58% increase in electricity coming from CHP plants.

Until last year, there also was a fund available to build CHP plants, a technology used at more than 250 locations in New Jersey, mainly at hospitals, schools and factories.

But the money set aside for CHP projects was diverted to help balance the state budget last year.

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