UK micro-CHP industry seeks higher FiTs for home systems

The three trade associations that represent the micro-CHP industry in the UK say the government should raise the feed-in tariff (FiT) for micro-CHP to accelerate the uptake of home boiler replacement technology.

The Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA), the Heating and Hotwater Information Council (HHIC) and the Micropower Council (MPC) say this will safeguard jobs and provide cost-effective low-carbon heating and hot water for consumers.

Micro-CHP is an emerging technology that is starting to appear commercially. Micro-CHP units can replace home central heating boilers and produce electricity as well as space heating or hot water. In the UK nearly a million and a half gas boilers are replaced each year and manufacturers of micro-CHP units are chasing a large part of this mass-market.à‚ 

The industry also says that Micro-CHP will also make a tangible difference to energy security and provide economic benefits by enhancing the grid’s ability to meet peak electricity demand while generating significant cost reductions throughout the electricity system.

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