Greg Barker, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, has set out his vision for CHP in the UK, claiming he has given officials “a mandate to be really ambitious.”

The minister also pointed to a series of forthcoming announcements that he says will reassure investors concerned over a perceived lack of certainty over the government’s vision for CHP.

“We intend to set out the importance of CHP with in our Autumn Statement and our report on the Fourth Carbon Budget.

“Be under no illusion there is more ambition for CHP, more determination to see this technology deployed at scale, than there has ever been before,” said Barker.

Addressing questions from the industry at the annual conference of the Combined Heat and Power Association, Barker argued:

“Were going to need industry to be competitive, especially if we’re going to achieve economic growth at the ambitious levels the Coalition has in mind. Energy efficiency will be of paramount importance and in that context a new ambitious role for CHP is very clear.”

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