Trigeneration system for Manhattan building

Trigeneration system for NYC building
Trigeneration system for NYC building

Tecogenà‚ Inc is to supply a trigeneration system to the NYC Landmark building. This Beaux Art-style bank building located inà‚ Manhattan’sà‚ Lower East Side, in New York, US, is undergoing an extensive restoration and conversion to an upscale hotel.

Part of the hotel’s restoration plan is pursuing Gold level certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designà‚ rating system, commonly known as LEED.

With the supply contract including two INV-100 Ultra InVerdeà‚ combined heat and power (CHP) units, during the warmer months the system will employ an absorption chiller to cool the building.à‚ The buildingà‚ has also entered into a long-term maintenance contract with Tecogen.

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