TT Cogen, a joint venture partnership between Tecogen and Tedom has sold its first unit in New Jersey.

The compact synchronous 55kW combined heat and power unit will be fitted with Tecogen’s custom manufactured load modules and power an elementary school.

Benjamin Locke, Tecogen Co-CEO and Managing Director of TTcogen said the project was notable for a couple of reasons in the main.
Benjamin Locke, Tecogen
“First, the project engineer specifically requested a 50-60 kW synchronous generator CHP unit for the project. In the past this would have eliminated Tecogen from consideration as our smaller CHP units use induction generators.  In this scenario, now TTcogen can step in and compete for projects like this with the TEDOM synchronous generator portfolio.”

“More importantly, our engineering expertise and strong collaborative relationship with the installation contractor allowed the customer to save nearly $100,000 on this installation – a real win when considering the budget constraints of most schools.”

The TEDOM Micro T55 natural gas powered CHP unit will serve the school’s electrical and heating demand and is optimal for educational facilities with smaller energy requirements