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Sikorsky powers up CHP system in Connecticut

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation has commissioned a CHP facility in Connecticut.

The company says the facility will produce enough power to supply 84% of the company’sà‚ 185,000 m2 facility in Stratford.

The new system will provide 85% of the facility’s steam heating needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 8900 tonnes annually — the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions produced by 1600 passenger vehicles a year.

The project began more than three years ago with a $26 million capital investment by Sikorsky and a $4.66 million State Cogeneration Incentive grant.

Carrier and its Noresco business, which, like Sikorsky, are owned by United Technologies, provided design and construction consultation on the project.

“Today Sikorsky takes another big step in our commitment to operate as an environmentally friendly and sustainable business,” Sikorsky President Jeffrey P. Pino said at a commissioning ceremony. “This is a journey we’ve been on for many years now.

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