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Salvation Army in CHP agreement

American DG Energy Inc has reached an agreement to provide an on-Site utility plant to the Salvation Army Greater New York Divisional Headquarters inà‚ New York City, US.à‚ 

Under the terms of the agreement, the Salvation Army building will receive 100 kW of combined heat and power equipment and replace existing traditional electric chilling equipment.à‚ 

Over the life of the 15 year contract, the agreement will produce revenue of approximately $3,600,000à‚ for American DG Energy, while the project is also expected to save the Salvation Army upwards ofà‚ $850,000à‚ over the full length of the contract.

The newly installed systems include Tecogen’s 100 kW CHP unit which will be able to provide the building with ‘supplemental stand-by’ generation.

‘Facilities like the Salvation Army are ideal for the on-site utility business,’ statedà‚ Benjamin Locke, Co-CEO of American DG Energy.à‚ ‘By providing electricity, cooling, and heat, the customer enjoys the full advantages of a total HVAC system at a fraction of the price of operating a traditional utility solution and with no upfront installation expense.’