Romanian hospital cogeneration facility nears completion

A hospital in Romania is in the final stages of preparation for the installation of its combined heat and power facility.

Medias Municipal hospital is awaiting delivery of a 200 Kw Capstone natural gas fuelled microturbine from California via Franfurt and should be commissioned within two weeks.
200 Kw Capstone natural gas fuelled microturbine
The process is being overseen by the Hospmed Project company in conjunction with SPC Energy Consult.

CEO of SPC Energy Consult Cosmin Constanda told COSPP that “We chose to have a small hospital project for our first microturbine prime mover. Later we hope to add the major strategic hospitals in Bucharest representing critical applications to our client list.”

HospMed Project will operate the system, which will supply annually around 590 MWh of electricity and 2940 MWh of heat to the Medias municipal hospital. In addition, 750 MWh of electricity will be sent to the grid on a yearly basis.

The facility is set to save the hospital around 10 per cent of its annual energy costs.

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