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Resiliency fund to back cogeneration for Manhattan buildings

An apartment block severely affected by Hurricane Sandy five years ago is to benefit from New York federal resiliency funding, part of which involves the installation of cogeneration power.

The Village East Towers, a 434-unit Mitchell-Lama co-op at Avenue C and East 10th Street in Manhattan, resides in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s “Super Flood Zone” suffered intensely from the storm in 2012.
Manhattan skyline
After compiling engineering studies to demonstrate the need for protection against future storms a grant of $9.95m has been provided by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), according to Habitat magazine.

As well as flood defences the funding will also provide for cogeneration on the garage roof, ensuring one elevator is maintained in each of the three buildings contained within the complex..

“If there’s a city power failure, the new cogen system will ensure an alternative source of energy so the buildings can function with a certain level of disruption, but in a manner that will enable people to be safe while they shelter in place,” says Jack Lepper, an attorney and Village East Towers shareholder.

“That’s critical, and you have to thank the federal government…along with HDC and HPD, our management company and board, who all came together and worked to ensure our many senior citizens will be safe in future disasters.”