Micro CHP

A new report has put forward the advantages of micro CHP and in particular its potential use in combining with Smart Grid technology.

Energetix Group plc, (AIM: EGX), which develops and commercialises alternative and efficient energy products, welcomed the industry report entitled, “The role of micro CHP in a smart energy world”, recently published by Ecuity Consulting.

“The role of micro CHP in a smart energy world”, sets out how mCHP could revolutionise home heating and explains that electricity generated by mCHP, in tandem with the smart grid and energy storage innovations, could also help the grid to cope with capacity constraints and short-term spikes in demand. The paper also makes suggestions for a reward system for those who use mCHP.
micro CHP
The report brings together the strategic vision of leading smart energy stakeholders, including representatives from some of the Industry’s most prominent peers. Geoff Barker, and Mike Gibson, General Manager at Flow Products and Head of Regulation and Compliance at Flow Energy respectively, also contributed.

Amongst the details in the report is data revealing that heat-led mCHP tends to generate more power at peak times and so naturally mCHP reduces the need for fossil-fuelled peaking plants. This creates substantial financial benefits for the wider energy system, estimated to be worth 6.2p/kWh electricity generated, assuming widespread mCHP deployment.

Overall, the report states that mCHP is the most cost-effective gas-fuelled domestic heating solution available to the domestic market, and the paper ultimately aspires to set a framework for constructive discussion on mCHP’s potential to contribute to future energy policy.

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