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Report examines outlook for CHP in Europe

Cogeneration is becoming an increasingly important part of the global energy landscape, according to a new study by IDC Energy Insights.

Cogeneration currently accounts for about 11% of electricity production in Europe, but recent trends show that it is seen as an important part of the battle to improve energy efficiency, increase fuel security and reduce carbon emissions.

According to the study, the majority of CHP in Europe is fossil-fuel based, but there is a growing trend toward using renewable fuels. In particular, there is likely to be a significant move toward biomass-based CHP in the next 10 years.

CHP deployment across Europe has increased substantially in the last two decades, although growth has slowed in countries such as Denmark and Finland due to CHP deployment approaching saturation. Fluctuating gas and electricity prices have also had a negative impact.

But the report finds that the renewed push toward high-efficiency CHP and biomass-based CHP is likely to stimulate new growth.

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