A study conducted nine months after the John Muir Medical Center’s CHP system went online shows the application to be operating at 97% uptime.

From the months of September 2010 to May 2011, John Muir’s four CHP units operated for 25,075 out of a potential 25,788 hours. During that time, the system generated well over 5.6 million kWh for the hospital.

Elite Energy Systems (EES), who supplied the unit to the hospital, says that the performance is particularly notable due to the fact that the system did not experience early hour problems typical of such installations.

EES says that this is down to the quality of construction and the factory validation testing completed before the system was installed at the hospital.

The CHP system generates heat as a byproduct of the generation process, which is captured by a Cention absorption chiller providing chilled water to the facility. The thermal output also provides for building heating, domestic hot water heating and/or boiler feed water heat/reheat.

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