Polish coal mine to boost efficiency with Caterpillar cogeneration systems

Caterpillar - Cogeneration at Polish coal mine
Cogeneration at JSW Knurów-Szczygłowice mine, courtesy of Caterpillar

Jastrzà„â„¢bska Spàƒ³à…‚ka Wà„â„¢glowa S.A., a European producer of hard coking coal, has selected Caterpillar dealer Eneria Poland to supply an integrated cogeneration system at its Knuràƒ³w-Szczygà…‚owice mine in southern Poland.

Commissioned in June, the system uses coal mine methane (CMM) to produce up to 12MW of power and 12MW of thermal energy. The electricity is used to supply power for conveyors, compressors, coal processing, mine ventilation systems, and other operations. The captured thermal energy is processed through heat exchangers to maintain the proper temperature in the mining workspace.

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Designed, installed and commissioned by Eneria Poland, the system is anchored by three Catà‚® CG260-16 generator sets capable of operating on gas from the mine with methane content ranging from 40% to 70%. Eneria Poland will also provide ongoing support for the system through a three-year customer value agreement (CVA).

“Safeguarding the health of our employees and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations on neighboring communities are key pillars of our corporate social responsibility strategy,” said Andrzej Szymaà…‚a, chief investment engineer at the Knuràƒ³w-Szczygà…‚owice mine.

“The cogeneration system designed by Eneria Poland for the Knuràƒ³w-Szczygà…‚owice mine will reduce methane emissions and improve the safety and comfort of our employees’ working environment while providing electricity and heat through innovations that improve our bottom line.”

Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa JSW mining operations
Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa JSW mining operations, courtesy of Caterpillar

The cogeneration system at the Knuràƒ³w-Szczygà…‚owice mine is the latest in a series of initiatives by Jastrzà„â„¢bska Spàƒ³à…‚ka Wà„â„¢glowa to improve its environmental footprint. Jastrzà„â„¢bska Spàƒ³à…‚ka Wà„â„¢glowa is currently building a facility to convert by-products of the coking process into critical industrial materials, including lightweight, durable carbon fibers, carbon adsorbents for purifying liquids and gases, and carbon nanostructures used in lithium-ion batteries and numerous other applications.

“Jastrzà„â„¢bska Spàƒ³à…‚ka Wà„â„¢glowa has made a demonstrated commitment to sustainability that has delivered tremendously positive results for the communities where it operates as well as its employees,” said Sven Buehler, territory manager for gas product sales at Caterpillar. “The system will support the expansion of Jastrzà„â„¢bska Spàƒ³à…‚ka Wà„â„¢glowa’s environmental initiatives and further improve the quality of life for its many stakeholders.”

Caterpillar cogeneration combined heat and power (CHP) systems enable the units to simultaneously provide power for electrical loads, as well as heat and cooling energy for a facility’s requirements. Any gas-fueled Cat engine can be configured specifically to support facility processes or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) requirements.

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