Plans unveiled for major CHP heat network in London

Plans unveiled for major CHP heat network in London

What will be one of the largest heat networks in the UK is being developed by Vattenfall and resource management and recycling firm Cory Riverside Energy.

The two companies are aiming to deliver affordable, low carbon heat to communities in Bexley, southeast London.

At the heart of the scheme will be combined heat and power (CHP), with Cory’s existing Riverside energy-from-waste facility at Belvedere, East London ” which is the largest of its kind in Britain ” providing heat to the proposed district heating network. This could heat up to 10,500 homes in Bexley.à‚  à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ à‚ 

Vattenfall will initially work with Cory on an application for Heat Network Investment Partnership funding from the UK government. The Swedish-headquartered company will also design the heat network and lead on its construction infrastructure, as well as its long-term operation and delivery of services.

Vattenfall is the largest operator of district heating networks in western Europe and provides heat network services to 1.7 million households across the EU.    

Mike Reynolds, managing director of Vattenfall Heat UK, said the partnership with Cory Riverside “is exactly the working relationship we were seeking when we entered the market”.à‚ 

“When delivered, this district heating network will deliver low carbon and affordable heat to thousands of customers in East London and will also play a critical role in enabling the development of new sustainable housing in Bexley and surrounding boroughs in east London.”

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