American DG Energy has announced a 15-year agreement to supply low cost, clean energy to Linden Plaza Preservation, a 1500-unit, low-income housing complex, located in Brooklyn, New York, US. Linden Plaza, will soon receive a substantial portion of its energy from a 500 kW on-site energy system which will be owned and operated by American DG Energy.

Linden Plaza will receive a discount on the energy produced by what American DG calls an ‘on-site utility’ and reduce its carbon footprint by up to 2400 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. The energy will be produced with small-scale CHP units located at the property site but owned and operated by American DG. Each of the five towers will have one 100 kW CHP unit, which will operate at a combined efficiency of nearly 90%.

Under the agreement, American DG will produce electricity and heat for domestic hot water and sell it to Linden Plaza at a price lower than its local utility. Linden Plaza will pay only for the energy it uses and will avoid all capital, installation and operating costs. Since American DG Energy will also handle all service, maintenance and repair of the energy system, Linden Plaza will not need any manpower to maintain the equipment.

‘The 35-year old complex, which consists of five 18-storey buildings, was in need of significant upgrades,’ said Alan Sullivan, Representative for the General Partner of Linden Plaza Preservation LP. ‘We were interested in reducing our energy costs, but with an extremely tight budget and several other projects to fund, finding the cash to purchase a new energy system would have been difficult. With American DG Energy, we will get the new system Linden Plaza needs with no capital investment and still save money on our energy costs.’