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On-site services deal for UK leisure centre

EuroSite Power Inc, an on-site utilities provider, has signed an agreementà‚ with Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust to provide heat and power for The Dome leisure centre, located in Doncaster, in the UK.

Under the terms of the 15-year On-Site Utility agreement for The Dome, a combined heat and power (CHP) system will be installed, owned and operated by EuroSite Power at the leisure centre. The Dome will then buy the energy produced by the system at a guaranteed lower rate than available directly from the grid.à‚ Estimated savings are in excess of à‚£35,500à‚ ($56,800)à‚ per year, with no capital outlay or maintenance costs.

A 331 kW TEDOM CHP system will produce up to 1,848,470 kWe and 2,038,343 kWth per annum.

The Dome is an arena and leisure centre with a swimming complex, bars, and a sports arena that is also used as an event venue.à‚  It also boasts theà‚ United Kingdom’sà‚ first ever split level ice skating rink.

The contract, worth approximately à‚£3.02à‚ million, is the first of its type to be funded by Societe Generale Equipment Finance and follows a recently announced project financing agreement

The Dome’s Head of Facilities Terry Parker says, ‘Controlling costs, particularly the impact of Carbon Taxes like the CRC is essential to ensuring The Dome is able to provide the very best facilities for all our users.’