Nirvana innovation aimed at micro-CHP

Micro CHP

Nirvana Energy Systems has developed an efficient micro-combined heat and power (m-CHP) system, the Thermo Acoustic Power Stick (TAPS), for residential applications.

Energy Business Review reports that fuelled by gas, the Nirvana Power Stick produces between 1-4kW of electrical power, and 15-30kW of thermal power for domestic water and space heating.
The silent, compact m-CHP system with system efficiency over 90% can be used as an alternative for water heaters and boilers across the globe.

Partly based on technology developed by Xerox PARC and further refined by NASA Glenn Research, the TAPS system can be networked into a virtual power plant, curbing environmental impacts, while lowering capital costs for delivering power via conventional grid based systems.

The Ohio, US-based company says the devices can operate continuously and will enable customers to lower their energy bills by creating both their own electric power and sufficient heat for domestic water and space heating purposes.

Nirvana co-founder James Gibbons said, “Where permitted, consumers will also have the option of selling excess electric power back to the grid, thus becoming net producers of electricity for their communities.”

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