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New York Hilton completes cogeneration installation

The Hilton New York has completed its new green roof system and installed a cogeneration (Combined Heat & Power) System, both designed to reduce the hotel’s overall carbon footprint.

“Hilton New York is dedicated to growing our sustainability initiatives and leading the hospitality industry in reducing waste and conserving energy,” said Mark Lauer, general manager of Hilton New York. “We are proud of both the green roof and cogeneration system installation process, and look forward to assessing and sharing how the project continues to expand and benefit the surrounding area in the coming years.”

The 16,000-square-foot green roof system was installed by Xero Flor America and is located on the hotel’s fifth floor rooftop setback on the building’s West 53rd Street side.

The installation of a highly-efficient, environmentally-friendly cogeneration system also situated on the hotel’s 5th floor roof setback, will provide in excess of 50 per cent of the hotel’s electrical power and over 40 per cent of its steam consumption for heating and hot water requirements.

As one of the largest hotels in New York City with 1,981 rooms, the Hilton New York consumes over 23 million kW hours of electricity per year. The cogeneration system is expected to be fully operational by summer 2012.

Based on well-proven technology, this 1,750kW cogeneration system uses clean and efficient natural gas to produce electricity and hot water for the hotel. The system will consist of seven 250kW energy modules manufactured by SDP Energy, Inc., a California-based leader in green and reliable on-site energy systems.

This will be the largest cogeneration system to be installed at a New York City hotel.

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