SAV Modules has joined forces with EC Power of Denmark to launch a new CHP energy service which uses complementary technologies – including ultra-compact, modulating CHP systems and heat pumps.

Schools, social housing, hospitals and other projects of all types will benefit from programme, known as LoadTracker. The companies’ claim the scheme has the ability to reduce carbon footprint by around 30% – and cut fuel costs by a similar amount.

EC Power designs micro-CHP modules powered by Toyota engines running on natural gas. The joint venture with SAV Modules will harness the energy saving potential of these machines alongside heat pumps to get the best out of both technologies.

SAV Modules’ managing director Lars Fabricius says: ‘SAV LoadTracker will deliver a green energy centre direct to site. We will utilize field-proven technologies from EC Power and our other partners around Europe, with components sized and selected by our own design team to provide a total, holistic solution. Our own engineers will pre-assemble and test all components off site whenever possible so that the system can be brought into action in the minimum time.’