The new Revel Entertainment Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, will be partly powered by a CHP facility developed by ACR Energy Partners.

ACR will own and operate the $160 million CHP facility and sell back the energy to Revel through a long-term sales agreement. The casino is due to open during 2012.

New Jersey has recently signalled its attention to boost the use of CHP within the state. The state recently earmarked partial funding for a half-dozen clean-power projects that have been held up because of the state’s budget crisis.

The money, available from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, will provide up to $18 million to fund at least six or seven CHP projects.

New Jersey’s energy master plan calls for the development of at least 1500 MW of CHP plants by 2020 to help meet the state’s power needs.

The CHP facilities are generally more than twice as efficient as conventional power plants and produce much less pollution, particularly greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change.

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