Turbosteam has opened a 425 kW CHP project at Moose River Lumber’s plant in Jackman, Maine.

The CHP project recycles steam produced in a biomass boiler, which is used to dry the lumber and generate high-efficiency electricity. In addition to reducing operating costs at the facility, the project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 2000 tonnes per year.

Designed to enhance the economic viability and long-term stability of the company and the region, the Moose River project was partly funded by the Efficiency Maine Large Projects Grants Program, made possible by the Regional Greenhouse gas Initiative (RGGI).

‘The turbine project will enable us to produce 40% of our electricity on-site and compete in this difficult economic climate, maintaining high quality jobs in Maine,’ said Jeff Desjardins, Moose River Lumber’s vice president.

Turbosteam’s sister company Recycled Energy Development (RED) and National Gypsum Company (NGC) are developing a CHP plant at NGC’s Burlington, New Jersey, facility. The project will produce approximately 3.4 MW of clean electricity and deliver more than 10,000 MMBtu of thermal energy.

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