Micro-CHP report focuses on key role in UK households

Leading companies in the micro-CHP sector have launched a report highlighting how the technology could contribute to the UK’s transition to greener energy generation.

The report sets out a Road Map demonstrating how micro-CHP could replace condensing boilers in the home heating market, reducing household emissions.

The report advocates raising the feed-in tariff for micro-CHP to at least GBP0.15/kWh, and committing to continued support for micro-CHP after the initial pilot of 30,000 units. It estimates that this would bear a cumulative policy cost of around GBP12.7 million (US$20.2 million) until 2015.

After that, the industry would also like to see a gradual volume-based tariff reduction and changes to the building regulations to mandate emissions performance, thereby removing the need for further support for micro-CHP.

But the report also sounds a note of caution, pointing out that micro-CHP is an emerging technology and therefore wide and rapid deployment will be crucial to achieving the necessary economies of scale.

It says an achievable target would be more than one million micro-CHP units in the UK by 2020.

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