Manhattan’s largest hotel completes cogen install

The New York Hilton has completed a new green roof system and installed a cogeneration system, both designed to reduce the hotel’s overall carbon footprint.

The 16,000-square-footà‚ green roof systemà‚ was installed by Xero Florà‚ Americaà‚ and is located on the hotel’s fifth floor rooftop setback on the building’sà‚ West 53rdà‚ Streetà‚ side.à‚  The system represents aà‚ major investment by Hiltonà‚ New Yorkà‚ to benefit efforts in carbon capture, energy conservation, and reduction of the Urban Heat Island effect.
The installation of a highly-efficient, environmentally-friendlyà‚ Cogeneration systemà‚ also situated on the hotel’s 5thà‚ floor roof setback, will provide in excess of 50 per cent of the hotel’s electrical power and over 40 per cent of its steam consumption for heating and hot water requirements.à‚ 

As the largest hotel inà‚ New York Cityà‚ with 1,981 rooms, Hiltonà‚ New Yorkà‚ consumes over 23 million kW hours of electricity per year.

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