MAN Energy wins turbine deal for German CHP plant

MAN Energy wins steam turbine deal for German CHP plant

A German cogeneration power plant is to reduce its dependency on a nearby coal plant by installing two onsite steam turbines.

The combined heat and power plant supplies the city of Leipzig in eastern Germany with electricity and heat, and is currently partly dependent on the Lippendorf coal-fired power plant for its district heating.

Now the plant has hired Germany’s MAN Energy Solutions to fit two steam turbines, each with a gearbox, generator and auxiliary components, which together will have a total power output of around 56 MW.

The turbines will also have analytics telemetry boxes integrated in them, which will give operator Stadtwerke Leipzig round-the-clock digital monitoring.

MAN Energy’s MST050 steam turbine

The CHP plant generates up to 174 MW of electrical energy and 200 MW of thermal energy. Condensation heat that is not used to generate electricity is utilized in the citywide district heating network.

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Delivery and installation of the turbines is scheduled for early next year and Stadtwerke Leipzig plans to have phased-out coal use by the end of 2022.

“We are very proud to contribute to the achievement of the sustainability goals set out for Leipzig’s energy supply,” said Uwe Lauber, chied executive of MAN Energy.

Lars Schumacher of MAN Energy Solutions in Oberhausen said the steam turbines “are perfectly adapted to meet the needs of Stadtwerke Leipzig and will increase the overall capacity of the CHP plant”.

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