Louisiana to evaluate CHP for critical facilities

On 1 June, the Louisiana Legislature passed a resolution requesting the Department of Natural Resources and Public Services Commission to establish guidelines to evaluate the feasibility of CHP in critical government facilities.

Critical facilities, under the resolution’s definition, include command and control centres, hospitals, shelters, prisons, jails, police and fire stations, communications centres, data centres, and water and wastewater facilities.

map of louisiana

Selection criteria include being operational for 6,000 hours per year and having a peak electricity demand of more than 500 kW.

CHP is deemed feasible if it provides 100% of the facility’s critical electricity needs, can sustain emergency operations for at least 14 days, and achieves at least 60% efficient energy use.

Energy savings must also exceed the system’s installation, operating, and maintenance costs over a 20-year period.

The resolution is nearly identical to a 2009 Texas law that likewise requires critical facilities to evaluate CHP feasibility under similar circumstances.

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