Onsite CHP plants at two London hospitals – Guy’s and St. Thomas’ – were showcased this week as part of GE’s “London Technology Tour,” an event designed in part to showcase how technology is helping to support the city’s energy security for the 2012 Olympics.

Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust installed natural gas-fired CHP plants in 2009. Each CHP plant uses one of GE’s 3 MW ecomagination-qualified J620 gas engines to provide on-site electricity and thermal power to the hospitals.

The Trust used a £10m grant from the Department of Health’s Energy and Sustainability Fund to install the overall CHP plants. Since their commissioning, the two CHP plants have helped the trust reduce CO2 emissions at the hospitals by more than 10,000 tonnes per year and save more than £1.5m ($2.3m) in energy costs annually.

The Trust had installed the CHP plants after realizing it needed to take bold steps to improve the efficiency of its hospitals. By 2004, the Trust was spending roughly £10m a year on energy, a cost that was growing rapidly due to rising energy prices.

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