Italian food manufacturers upgrade to CHP

Two Italian food manufacturing plants are to upgrade their electricity and steam generation with combined heat and power solutions.

The two facilities require electricity and steam at eight-bar for their manufacturing processes. They will receive two C600 microturbines from UK-based Capstone Turbine Corporation, expected to be commissioned in summer 2014.

The microturbines produce a large volume of exhaust which can be used as the primary combustion air in a steam generation system and, with post-combustor burners and steam boilers, will improve energy efficiency at both manufacturing sites. The exhaust from the steam generator can then be captured to make hot water for the buildings via heat exchangers, with a system efficiency of over 90% according to Capstone.à‚ 

Jim Crouse, Capstone’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, said, ‘It’s great to see another positive sign of increased order flow from Italy as the overall European market continues to slowly strengthen.’

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