A workshop held in Dublin last week brought national energy stakeholders together to discuss the development of an Irish Cogeneration Roadmap.

The workshop identified potentials for energy efficiency improvements in line with the framework of the CODE2 project.

Industrial cogeneration emerged as a key element in reaching the national energy savings target.

“My country is well on its way to implementing a cogeneration friendly framework”, MEP Seán Kelly said. “With such a policy we can kill two birds with one stone: improving the competitiveness of industries hosting cogeneration units while reducing their climate footprint. If Europe wants a way out of its economic crisis, this kind of approach should be replicated.” Sean Kelly MEP
Ireland’s energy challenges are exacerbated by the specific situation of being an island. The need to lower primary energy imports for industry and power, which is a major issue in Europe as a whole, is particularly acute in Ireland. Finding a way to provide industrial and commercial heat in the most effective way is one of the focus topics of the workshop.  
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