The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas in Kauai, Hawaii, US has installed a trigeneration plant that will generate close to 100% of the electricity and steam requirements for the 7.5 ha hotel.

Five Capstone Turbine generators with a total capacity of 1 MWe have been installed at the resort, one of the largest on the island with 346 villas.

An absorption chiller provides cooling for the resort’s two-story clubhouse. The hot water is then pumped through a series of smaller heat exchangers that provide the heat source for all of the resort’s pool and domestic hot water needs. On a day-to-day basis, the cogen plant will power approximately 90% of the resort’s electrical consumption and 100% of the resort’s heat consumption in all guest villas, pools and whirlpools. It is anticipated that there will be a 50% decrease in energy expenses.

The multimillion-dollar project marks the first instance in the Hawaiian Islands where a cogeneration system has the capacity to generate up to 100% of a resort’s energy needs, Westin says.