Green future for the Savoy

London’s Savoy hotel is to reduce its energy consumption by 40% as part of an extensive refit, with much of the savings coming from the installation of a CHP system.

The Savoy, one of the world’s most famous hotels, is introducing the measures as part of a à‚£100 million (US$200 million) restoration and refit project.

Energy management company, Evolve Energy, is to implement a carbon emissions reduction system which includes a CHP plant.

As a result of the programme the Savoy will reduce its electricity consumption by approximately 50%, and total energy consumption by up to 40%.

As well as the replacement of old boilers and heat transfer equipment with high efficiency hot water and heat recovery systems, other energy savings devices will include low energy air conditioning, intelligent building controls, smart metering and 24 hour monitoring and targeting of energy use at the hotel.

Chief operating officer at Evolve, Tim Schneider, said: ‘This strategy reinforces our view that it is not just new buildings that can be green. The majority of carbon cuts that businesses make come from energy efficiency measures. As energy prices keep rising, and the credit crunch bites harder, businesses should see investments in environmental measures not as a cost but as a saving.’