German Pellets founds subsidiary in Italy

German Pellets Italia, a subsidiary of German Pellets, Europeà‚´s largest pellet manufacturer, is strengthening its presence on the Italian market.

In the coming years, the subsidiary wants to build and operate CHP plants for the production of electricity and heat from wood pellets, primarily in Northern Italy.

“This is a very important step for our companyà‚´s further expansion on the European market,” said Peter Leibold, managing director of German Pellets GmbH.

The company cites favourable framework conditions in Italy as influential in the move, owing to the adequate feed-in tariffs for electricity from CHP plants, according to EANS News.

Up to 28 cents per kilowatt-hour are paid for green electricity fed into the national grid. German Pellets will sell the thermal energy to customers in the region.

Italy has roughly 1.5 million pellet stoves, and this figure is increasing by about 200,000 every year, with the Italian government promoting the use of renewable energies with tax credits, investment grants and feed-in tariffs.

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