UK demand management company Flexitricity has appointed a new head of supply as it prepares to launch a commercial energy supply offering.

Rachel Maitland has joined the Edinburgh-based firm having previously held positions at SSE and Scottish Power. She will oversee the implementation, launch and ongoing management of Flexitricity’s new service, Flexitricity+.Flexitricity hires Maitland ahead of supply launch

Set to launch in October, Flexitricity+ is a new energy supply service which the company claims will “open up the financially lucrative balancing mechanism – one of the tools National Grid uses to balance electricity supply and demand close to real time – to selected customers for the first time”.

Maitland said joining Flexitricity came at a “pivotal moment” for the company. “There is the opportunity within my new role to see the real time changes in the industry that have been prompted by our company, and that’s not something you come across in every job role. 

“Before joining Flexitricity, I had heard about the plan to launch a new supply service and found the concept of Flexitricity+ incredibly interesting. After meeting the team, I knew I wanted to get on board and be involved in the business. There is a palpable energy and enthusiasm within the company, and that combined with the genuine excitement around Flexitricity+ made the new role very appealing.”

Flexitricity said that initially the energy supply service will be most suited to businesses and public sector organisations, particularly those operating community energy schemes, combined heat and power generators and cold stores, as well as battery developers.

Maitland added: “I know that I will have a challenge on my hands and that challenge can be summed up in one word – change. This is an innovative new service that both industry and customers are not yet fully conscious of. And, as you might expect with a new service, there will be reservations. However, I think when customers start to see the revenue that they can generate through Flexitricity+ we will quickly garner support.”

She said one of her key roles “will be to educate partners, the industry and customers. Those who continue to sit idle and ‘do things as they’ve always done them’ will be left behind as the industry continues to move around them.”