First for solar cogen as five star hotel benefits

Cogenra Solar has announced a roof-top installation at the Hotel Real InterContinental in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The five-star, 234-room resort is the world’s first hotel to implement solar cogeneration technology, delivering heat and electricity on demand.

Hotel Real InterContinental in San Salvador
The 48-module SunPack(TM) installation will produce solar electricity and approximately 16,000 liters of hot water daily.

“The San Salvador IHG installation and subsequent evaluation will facilitate wide-spread renewable energy deployment in Central America,” said Dr. Gilad Almogy, CEO of Cogenra.

“The adoption of solar cogeneration in Central America is a testament to Cogenra’s flexible design, architecture and capital-light manufacturing strategy, in which sub-assemblies from our vendors are shipped directly to our customer and integrated quickly on site. The strategy allows us to rapidly scale and reach new markets worldwide.”

The system is set to decrease the hotel’s hot water fuel consumption by 120,000 kWh annually, while also substantially lowering the hotel’s energy bills, and reducing emissions.

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