Evaluating cogeneration for your facility: A look at the potential energy-efficiency, economic and environmental benefits

The energy-efficiency, economic and environmental benefits of cogeneration are the subject of this in-depth white paper. The paper argues that producing electricity and heat/cooling from the same fuel can offer energy savings of up to 35 percent for a wide range of facilities, while at the same time contributing to building sustainability and protecting the environment.

Advances in lean-burn gas reciprocating engine technology, heat exchangers and digital control systems now mean that cogeneration has become both practical and economical for applications as small as 300 kW.

The paper outlines which cogeneration solutions are best suited to a particular facility, and which applications can benefit the most. It takes the reader through a payback analysis, itemizing cost calculations and environmental savings.

The potential for reducing energy costs is usually the motivating reason to consider cogeneration, but environmental factors including regional certifications are also becoming important when investigating the potential benefits of cogeneration.

White Paper brought to you by Cummins Power Generation

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