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Energy from waste CHP project planned

Plans for an energy from waste gasification plant have been unveiled by Energos, part of ENER-G. The facility, which will supply both heat for local industry and electricity, is expected to cost some à‚£40 million (US$60 million).

A planning application has been made to Knowsley Borough Council for the project, which will use gasification to convert leftover, non-recyclable waste into energy.

The plant would take two years to build and Knowsley would be the second advanced thermal conversion plant built in the UK.

The facility is expected to supply 9 MWe and 32.8 MWth.

Nick Dawber, managing director for ENERGOS, said: ‘We are proposing a community-sized solution for local waste that would otherwise fill up landfill sites and emit damaging greenhouse gases. We offer a proven and world class, low-emission gasification technology that can help the UK build a much needed sustainable waste infrastructure.’