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ENER-G makes expansionary move in the US

UK-based ENER-G group has taken a 75 per cent holding in Rudox, a New Jersey-based cogeneration firm, as it seeks to build up its business in the US.

The new ENER-G Rudox business will design, develop, manufacture and install CHP systems from Rudox’s production facility in New Jersey.

Cogeneration plant

Chris Hayton, new Chief Executive of ENER-G Rudox Inc, said: “ENER-G Rudox Inc already has a $97m pipeline of sales opportunities and with local engineering and manufacturing capability we can deliver faster to market, while providing rapid, on-demand servicing and maintenance support throughout the lifetime of projects.

“ENER-G and Rudox have a combined turnover approaching $201m and a global portfolio of 603MW operational cogeneration systems. In total, this CHP capacity achieves annual carbon dioxide savings of 342,504 metric tonnes.”

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