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Efficiency initiatives proving valuable in Sydney

The use of combined heat and power and other such energy saving initiatives are saving landlords in Sydney’s commercial districts around $25m a year.

That’s according to data compiled from the City of Sydney’s Better Buildings Partnership (BBP).

The BBP involves the owners of more than half the city’s commercial office space and shows members’ building emissions were reduced by an average 3 per cent a year from 2005/6 levels, despite a 14 per cent increase in the amount of space leased over the same period.

According to RenewEconomy some of the buildings have seen cuts of up to 70 per cent, due to such measures as high efficiency lighting, plant upgrades and cogeneration and tri generation schemes.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore says the resulting 25 per cent cut in carbon emissions equated to more than $25 million saved onà‚  members’ annual power bills.

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