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eco2synergy brings low-capital CHP benefits

In response to the growing demand for greener energy and the need to cut energy costs, Dalkia has launched eco2synergy.

The eco2synergy service gives clients access to the environmental and cost savings of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) technology without the need for capital investment.

Aligned with Dalkia CarbonCare, Cogenco’s eco2synergy service offer gives you a viable alternative to the outright ownership of a CHP unit and a key retention tool for our sales team. The eco2synergy service avoids financial risk through retaining total ownership of the CHP unit, billing you monthly at an agreed tariff per KW for a fixed quantity of energy. As part of the eco2synergy scheme Cogenco will: Conduct all application and design engineering, installation and commissioning, Operate and maintain throughout the life of the contract, Fully finance the CHP, retaining absolute ownership.