Dalkia to install more CHP for UK supermarket giant

UK retail chain Tesco, has added more CHP systems to its portfolio through its agreement with Dalkia, the energy and utilities management company.

Dalkia initially installed 20 CHP plants across a number of its stores but this has now increased to over 100, totally 13.5 MWe.

Tesco aims to halve its carbon emissions from its buildings by 2020 and eliminate its carbon emissions by 2050.

Dalkia’s CHP energy solution is delivered by the company’s specialist CHP subsidiary, Cogenco. It utilises the heat produced in electricity generation to provide heating and hot water, which is in high demand from the stores.à‚ 

Tesco says its CHP systems are more than twice as efficient as conventional generation and, as a result, they cut carbon emissions and energy costs significantly.

The packaged CHP plants provided to its stores across the UK have so far saved some 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, confirms the supermarket giant.

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