Dalkia, through its CHP subsidiary Cogenco, has installed 20 CHP plants across a number of Tesco retail stores in the UK, with more planned as part of Tesco’s plans to halve carbon emissions from its buildings by 2020.

More traditionally associated with large-scale manufacturing and other heavy industrial applications, Dalkia is successfully delivering the benefits of CHP to the commercial sector, allowing retailers to improve the environmental impact of their energy requirements in a cost-efficient way.

Typically, a saving of around £45,000 per year can be made on a site operating a 200 kW CHP plant, resulting in a carbon saving of 325 tonnes, says Dalkia.

Damian Shevloff, Sales Director of Cogenco said: ‘The installation of small-scale CHP is ideal for retail sites such as Tesco’s stores due to the high demand for both heat and power throughout the day. This provides a financially viable alternative to off-grid energy procurement, while also contributing to Tesco’s green agenda too.’