Conditions favourable for cogen in Mexico

COGENERA Mexico was launched last week and Ana Delia Cordova spoke to COSPP at COGEN Europe in Brussels about the potential for combined heat and power (CHP) technology in Mexico.

Ms Cordova was responsible for the design and creation of the body, set up to promote awareness of cogeneration and it’s an all-inclusive effort across the board aimed at exploiting that potential.
“After 12 months of discussion, we started to imagine how COGENERA Mexico could work and we had a lot of talks with the Mexican government and private enterprise, and we provided workshops with different sectors, from the academic to the financial as steps leading to the formation of this association.

It is truly representative of all interests who can benefit from CHP.”

The initiative was supported by the German government as part of the Sustainable Energy program for the country, which seeks to promote energy efficiency and cogeneration. As well as promotion the agency will look to create incentives and do more to develop the cogeneration market, which had stalled.

“There is a potential ” 11,000 MW in cogeneration and 2000 MW in trigeneration to go with the 3,000 MW there at the moment. However that 3,000 MW figure hasn’t changed in five years.”

“We want to attract investment from outside Mexico for new projects. Right now the conditions are really good, the regulatory framework is ideal. We also have good natural gas reserves and the prices are really low at the moment.”

We have barriers to overcome but we think with this association we can overcome them. The main barrier is awareness.”

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